Life Chats

So I have been living in California now for two months, so crazy how time goes so fast! I am adjusting well, mainly because I love staying busy. I love the ocean and what it does to my soul (cheesy but so true). I am such a beach goer, I found a tiny (I mean tiny tiny) studio apartment only 2 miles away from the beach and I LOVE it. It is perfect for just me and  I get to constantly be outside because the weather here is so so perfect. I have made some good friends already, this weekend my friend and I decided to make a picnic on the beach in Newport at sunset.

Pro Tips:

- Don't sit by the lifeguard cones, they get in the way of your pictures! lol but really. 

- Find a good solid friend that you connect with on different levels not just interests but someone that truly cares about your well being. 

-Enjoy your life, go outside and see how much this beautiful life has to offer. 

P.S. follow my friend on Insta and check out her blog Vogue and a Latte

All the love babes! Until next time!

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