Today my friend and I took our second class at CorePower Yoga, we did the Yoga Sculpt class. It was such a great workout class! We have been taking different classes all around Orange County and we have really been enjoying CorePower. I did this class today and the instructor asked us “What is your yes this week? What are you trying this week that you haven’t before?”

He came up to us after class, and asked us personally “what is your yes?”

I thought for a moment, then he said well “this is your first day to try this class that’s your yes!”

I realized that he was right, I was trying something out of my comfort zone, meeting new friends and doing things that I wouldn’t have done if I still lived in Atlanta, because I was so comfortable with my routine I had there.

Then I started thinking, what if I wanted my Yes to be something else this week, this month, this season of my life. I realized that moving to California and starting a new job, meeting new friends, and getting my own apartment was my yes to new challenges. I continue to strive to grow every day and not be stagnant. Those uncomfortable places we feel like we don’t fit in or those places in our lives that we stay in because we are comfortable. We should try to say yes to something new each day. If we can’t do each day, at least challenge yourself each week to do something that you have been feeling for a while but have not jumped into because you feel scared or you feel vulnerable.

Being vulnerable, is the place where we show up, the place where we grow the most. Even though it may be the hardest thing, and the most uncomfortable thing. Try something new, go out on the limb and challenge yourself.